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  • Bashing


    It was one of my favorite films of 2006, and a very unusual story. It's great to see it finally available at home.

  • Cops


    While comedy seems to easily date, physical gags never age, especially when they are as risk-taking as Keaton's. I love it when he grabs the handle of the passing car and gets yanked away. I just saw THE SIMPSON'S MOVIE and there was a reference to that joke in it.

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  • Boarding Gate

    Boarding Gate

    The most experimental and extreme of Assayas' feature films - a context which makes the conservativeness of SUMMER HOURS interesting. With only a bare skeleton to show, no script to get in the way, nuances and details are revealed with each screening of this amorphous, abstract thriller. This is pure filmmaking - though pure filmmaking entirely dependent on the acting and person of the one of a kind Asia Argento.

  • Night Wind

    Night Wind

    How strange that Garrel, who is known for shooting in such luminous, textured black and white, has shot this film in a very down-played color palette. Then again, since the film is in some ways an ode to a fired-red Porsche, perhaps this was the only option the film dictated? The color of the Porsche tears through the images of the film...