Promising Young Woman ★★½

i've had a hard time rating this one. ultimately the middle way seems appropriate for how i feel.

the one aspect every viewer seems to agree on is that carey mulligan is phenomenal. no debate here. but the rest of the movie left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

narratives revolving around rape and sexual assault should be crafted with care. it seems like promising young woman remained on surface level while desperately trying to fit into the badass revenge narrative. its disjointed plot only reinforced my opinion that emerald fennell ultimately did, most likely, not have a well-rounded idea of where she wanted to take this.

yes, the ending is pretty clear. but to me it simply doesn't fit. who is this supposed to appeal to? i'm still confused and quite surprised it doesn't spark more of a debate for now.

the concept was indeed 'promising'. if thought out more, it could've been executed a lot better.

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