Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

On this earth every act is a political act.

How was there ever a misunderstanding? Within the first couple of minutes, BvS establishes a world where US corporations and military institutions alike will stop at nothing to frame and persecute organizations outside their political spectrum. 

Snyder has a very concise view of masculinity; American men are raised in insular systems of aggression that continually perpetrate and fuel irrational fears outside their control — dynasties plagued with history of colonisation (they were hunters)— these are not novel concepts, but how were they ever etched into something this mainstream, whilst landing on such a humane note, e.g Batman's last moments of repentance/consolidation, will remain a mystery to me. The American Myth implodes...

...but Batman also hits Superman with a bathroom sink? so ya, its pretty good.

The zoom-out of Clark catching Lois mid-air disappearing into a sea of digital noise is one of the most exquisite shots of the decade.

idk, guys maybe im just losing it.

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