The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★★

The Star Wars saga continues with The Empire Strikes Back. This was pretty great, and I can totally see why people would normally choose this one over A New Hope. Obviously, character development is a factor that helped this viewing, but also the stakes that are being set up are a lot more pressing, and the dangers of the universe much more impactful. We learn a bit more about Vader, but he's still a mystery. We have a classic, budding love triangle between Han, Luke and Leia. Not really sure where that's gonna go.

We also get to meet Yoda, and while he embodies the archetypal "guru" character, he exhibits a lot of good-hearted human qualities as well, making him a character you really yearn to know more about. And of course Ben is back in vision-form, because why the hell not? I mean, even when Luke is on the brink of freezing to death, Ben shows up to tell Luke what his mission is in the future. I think Luke could actually use some immediate help before he actually dies, Ben, but thanks for the information about Yoda.

The performances seemed more solid in this one as well, which is a plus. And not surprisingly, the visual effects are still a staple of this series, if not its claim to fame. I'm looking forward to checking out the conclusion of the original trilogy!

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