The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★

I suppose you could call that a draw.

I'll be brief.

I liked it a lot more.

The technical elements are amazing.

I love the main character and Ralph Fiennes's portrayal.

Tony Revolori and the supporting cast all do a wonderful job.

Revolori and Fiennes have excellent comedic chemistry.

This movie is one of Wes Anderson's funniest.

However, I still have some gripes.

The film is way too convoluted at parts.

The film is literally a story.

Within a story.

Within a story.

Within a story.

And the plot weaves and turns around so much.

So much that even though you don't really need to...

Keeping up is difficult.

Honestly, the film feels rather soulless as well.

It has plenty of heart and wit.

But something is missing.

I'm not entirely sure what.

Overall, I'm declaring it great - a low 3.5.

No longer my least favorite Wes Anderson film.

Still the most overrated, though.

Also, when the cat died, I died a little bit, too.

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