The Ghost Cat and the Mysterious Shamisen

The Ghost Cat and the Mysterious Shamisen ★★★

Got to see this rare archival print at Metrograph! 

The director’s granddaughter introduced the movie and watched the movie with the audience, she knew the history but hadn’t seen the movie herself either since this was the first time it was being shown in the US. 

Was unfortunately sitting next to this jackass who was laughing loudly at the movie, that performative laughter of someone who wants it be known that he’s “better” than the movie and thinks it’s quaint. It was incredibly rude and uncomfortable, I can’t imagine how anyone could be so offensive when a family member of the filmmaker was there. 

Anyways the movie was cool and creepy, and it’s pretty nuts the filmmaking techniques on display here from a 1938 movie. Also I’ll watch any movie about a ghost cat