Creed ★★★★★

MBJ deserved the Oscar for his line reading of “ey Paul-ey” 😂

Real talk though, and I remember thinking this when I first saw it in theaters too, this movie’s Oscar love shouldn’t have stopped at Stallone’s nom. (And also, if Stallone got nominated for his role in this then he DEFINITELY deserved it for his performance in Rocky Balboa.) Directing, writing, music, MBJ’s performance are all just fantastic. 

I’m a sap and I was tearing up like every other scene. My heart y’all. 

On a personal note, the scene where Rocky suddenly vomits, says he can’t stand, doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, and then apologies to Donnie who is holding him up absolutely wrecks me. This is basically what happened when my father had a stroke, and this movie just absolutely captures how something like that happens and feels incredibly real. I cried both times I’ve seen this movie. 

MBJ’s Donnie is such a likable guy and he has fantastic chemistry with Both Stallone and Tessa Thompson, which adds a lot weight to all their scenes together. I like that Donnie has a bit of that lame streak that Rocky has but isn’t a retread of the character. 

Also the fights are awesome and Tessa Thompson rules.