High Life

High Life ★★½

understanding the annihilation-inducing expansion of the neoliberal state as an increasing apparatus dedicated to regulating and controlling the human body is a good concept, but after establishing that conceit this doesn't really do much with it. the characters are mostly flat and underdeveloped, the atmosphere is initially chilling but becomes increasingly tedious as the movie progresses, and the film's idea that the ultimate wrench in those systems of control will be the innate emotional connection we have to our physical selves isn't really justified by either melodramatic or conceptual backing. this might sound overly harsh: the first 30 minutes or so of this are really powerful, pattinson is great, and even in the latter stretch denis is able to craft some potent images and feelings. but it sort of feels like the underdeveloped rough draft of a movie that should have been great rather than that actual movie.