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  • Drum & Bass: The Movement

    Drum & Bass: The Movement


    While there’s an immense amount of inteviewes here from everyone you’d want to see, this movie is terrible storytelling. Meshed together as if every viewer already has a grasp on the scene and understands what is being converted by the stories being told. Skips many early years of the scene, awkwardly jumps back in time, focuses on moments that are seemingly insignificant and is all around a badly told typical talking head documentary. I don’t know why nobody can make…

  • My Santa

    My Santa


    So earnest in its schmaltzy Christmas message, and you pair that with Anna from The OC, and the fact that the dude really is Santa's kid which makes it a straight up fantasy film. All of this adds up to make this slightly better than most other god awful Hallmark style Christmas movies and kinda enjoyable.

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