Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

I was never really interested, some interesting ideas are prodded here and there but only one is explored further than a line or two, the moral dilemma Cassie is facing throughout the entire film, this is easily my favourite element to ‘Promising Young Woman’.

I like most of the performances, the rendition of ‘Toxic’ was really fun and the use of pre-existing music added a layer of irony it needed, I like how Cassie’s trauma is presented, it’s quite tasteful and could have easily been played as a bit of a joke. Finally I also think the commentary on how women are generally viewed, mostly by men and how so many people (of all genders) feel completely fine shrugging off or making excuses for terrible acts committed, having this message doesn’t not mean this movie is exempt from criticism.

Now the bad things. Lots of the supporting cast are bad, Alison Brie is absolute trash and so is Chris Lowell. The sound mixing is fucking dreadful, some of the worst of the year and the presentation of everything is so overdramatic and irritating. The plot never progresses organically, something fairly unlikely has to happen in order for the film to actually take a step forward, there are also quite a few continuity errors, the most obvious one if that during the close up of Cassie’s necklace the smooth edge of it is facing the right, and when she’s just wearing it walking around casually the smooth edge faces the left.

Despite being fairly conflicted about it I’d still recommend ‘Promising Young Woman’, it’s pretty easy to like if you're not like me and don’t get pissed off by small details or when there isn’t background noise at the restaurant.

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