Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★

The first half had a shock factor and badass tone that left my eyes the size of saucers and intrigue in where the film was going. The latter half I started to realize just how effed up the things she was doing were (even if she didn’t actually do them, which the film never fully confirms either way). There is a specific reveal that I won’t give away, but basically from that reveal on, I didn’t really like the film, and I especially didn’t like the ending. It felt too much like they were saying “she did that” but it didn’t really feeeeeel like she did that, or at least with consequences that made me question if she could really be called the victor of the story. Still a very good idea of addressing cases like the story of scumbag waste of oxygen rapist Brock Turner, just not sure how successful they were with their message. Bo Burnham is great.

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