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This review may contain spoilers.

Slightly No

Let me tell you
The screenplay is complex but its the director's art that filming a complex writing to an amazing play for warming hearts and make the brains work; like Memento or The Prestige.
But here the direction of Nolan makes the story more complex but the boring complexity.
Not only he holds the story inexpressive but also makes it a bit like Indian movies with action scenes.

Other points

The scientific part of the film is unable to discuss and clear about the issue of time and tenet itself; Also it's unable to make the brains think about it!

Elizabeth Debicki's role is so surplus! You know I think her role was added for the emotional section of the film but the only emotion she vibes is only disgrace I feel.

The Protagonist's choices were so dumb! The factor told him his job is more important than a national security, International security.
So why would he let the world be endangered because of a married woman?! wtf!

Robert Pattinson's role was so useless! Even I think in the second half he just said that he's a professor of physics for a 5min explanation about the Entropy of objects in a very uncaused way!
(And Aaron Taylor Johnson's)

Technically cinematography, the light and the color design weren't so good enough.

The only good points I gave it around 4 is its wonderful score and theme song and also Kenneth Branagh's beautiful performance.

Dear Mr. Christopher the director of Tenet, Dunkirk, and The Dark Knight Rises:
Where is the director of Interstellar, Mr. Nolan?

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