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  • East of Fifth Avenue

    East of Fifth Avenue


    Very entertaining example of the umpteen versions/knockoffs of Grand Hotel, (a connection not hard to make since Columbia trumpeted it in the publicity), this one from the boarding house end of the economic spectrum.

    A passel of character actors get a fine chance for more screen time than they sometimes got, with particularly standout work from Maude Eburne, Dorothy Tree and Lucien Littlefield. Tree's out-of-wedlock pregnancy gets treated a bit more seriously and fully than per usual even for pre-Code.…

  • Captain Conan

    Captain Conan


    Stands out among First World War dramas for dealing largely with the conflict's immediate aftermath, through the lens of a group of soldiers, and their brave but impulsive captain, sent on a mission to the Balkans, where it's rapidly made clear that wars don't necessarily come to definitive ends the minute the ink's dry on the armistice.

    Tavernier's ability to express the submerged emotion in even the most banal conversation between two people is on full display here in a…

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  • So This Is Paris

    So This Is Paris


    Been wanting to see this for years, and now glad that it didn't happen until this glowing new restoration. Unsurprisingly, a master class in comic timing and exposition---Lubitsch's sheer patience and confidence in letting moments build and unhurriedly pay off never ceases to amaze, no matter how familiar you are with his work. (The mix of laughter and pathos he can get out of merely showing a man crossing the street...and in a 68-minute running time, no less!) In a…

  • Kiss the Blood Off My Hands

    Kiss the Blood Off My Hands


    In hot competition with Kiss Me Deadly and I Wake Up Screaming as the best all-time title for a film noir, and Exhibit A in the glories of what classical Hollywood filmmaking can provide even with extremely rickety plot construction and a shopworn story.

    Recently released prisoner of war Lancaster finds himself in London, where he kills someone in a bar fight, from whence he escapes by breaking into Joan Fontaine's conveniently located apartment. The film touches on the au courant…