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  • His Girl Friday

    His Girl Friday

    The plot is unexpectedly morbid (murder! execution by hanging! suicide! kidnapping! vehicular manslaughter?), and Grant, charming as ever, plays a morally reprehensible jerk... but oh, what a barrage of verbal fireworks! Props to Hawks for gender-swapping one of the leads (Rosalind Russell is... THE Newspaperman!), but especially for his brilliant choreography of all those middle-aged white men. I mean, those old-timey newspapermen really knew how to strike a pose in their drab, workaday surroundings by grouping themselves — most casually, of course — into truly meticulous compositions within the frame. Whatta treat!

  • American Gigolo

    American Gigolo

    Having previously seen only "First Reformed" & "Affliction", Paul Schrader's masterfully pared-down and measured studies of tortured characters framed by austere and bleak wintry landscapes that hit a bit too close to home, I was somewhat taken aback by the sleek and highly stylized look and sound of American Gigolo, a film I'd foolishly dismissed for far too long. Undoubtedly owing to my low expectations going in, I was pleasantly surprised by this underrated gem that I'd chanced upon in my…