Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

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Long Review Time! I get 1 long review a year lol!

Before seeing this movie, I was thinking about my personal relationship with Marvel. I'm sure we all have one. For me, it feels like a crazed teenage love affair. I remember being 13 back in 2008, my dad bringing a pirated copy of Iron Man on DVD, and running up to my bedroom on Friday night and watching it 4 times over the course of the weekend. I was never into nerdy things (not even Harry Potter or Star Wars) but I was officially hooked, baby!!

Since then, I've watched every Marvel movie in theatres, on premiere day (with the exception of Hulk, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man & the Wasp because who cares?), and I've seen them all multiple times. The MCU made me realize I was a nerd, and while I like other superhero franchises more than this one, I fell deeply in love with Marvel from the moment I saw Robert Downey Jr's kinda-gross-but-ageless goatee grace my screen. I devoured every movie, sunk deep into the fan community and fanfiction, and gave my heart to these characters. My teen years were spent being nerdy, at home, with friends, on the computer, hell, even for a 27-hour marathon in-cinema for Age of Ultron! I walked out of every Marvel movie complaining about one story flaw or another, because they're usually trash-- but I also felt joyful, giddy, and freaking pumped for what the future held.

Well, the future is here. I got what I wanted. I am for the first time, not disappointed by a Marvel movie. 11 years of watching these movies since the beginning, it feels really good to let go of my old teenage fling.

And there's a new phase of Marvel movies coming my way, so I better get ready to fall in love all over again.

Thanks Marvel, for giving me 11 years of content, endless real-life friendships, too many tears, and giving us all the film franchise of a lifetime.

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