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  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan


    there is a lot you can read into the film, 

    the whole talk about Akira being born in a different generation is so striking, a generation where real love is nowhere to be found. and samar/srk reminds him of an earlier kind of love. funny when the whole bit in the second half is being stuck in pre-2002 sensibilities. where yash chopra romances are still seen as the pinnacle. it’s no coincidence then that the Katrina romance/sexy scenes were actually…

  • Mixed Doubles

    Mixed Doubles


    really interesting that the protagonists here are also called sunil and maalti, just like in kadhak. obviously this seems autobiographical, it’s too specific not to be, and becomes even more curious when rajat tries to insert himself as the cucked husband, always feels like overcompensating. but if that’s the case, you could also read his self insertion in kadhak as overcompensating. which means rajat has definitely killed someone and hid the body. i didn’t say it folks, he did...

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  • Report to Mother

    Report to Mother


    To think that this film was made by the Odessa Collective by raising money, going village to village, for the 'people's cinema' is a miracle.

    John died due to negligence at a medical facility a year after this was made, commercialization of medical education and facilities being a point of contention during the film itself.

    essential for anyone interested in the politics of the Nation, the art and death.

  • Fan



    at the end of the day, aren’t we all just running from ourselves, one chase sequence at a time?