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  • A Clockwork Orange
  • The Witch
  • Memento
  • The Smell of Burning Ants

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  • Story of Women


  • Yella


  • Night and Fog


  • Aparajito


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  • Songs My Brothers Taught Me

    Songs My Brothers Taught Me


    The directorial debut of chloe zhao, the oscar winner of 2021 oscars. The budget is low on a director making a start on films but chloe zhao delivers.
    80% of the film is johnny winters life in reality who is the protagonist and many family members play on the film.
    With its low budget its not much different than the oscar winning nomadlands if not less of a documentary. Chloe zhao has filling moments of beautiful scenes throughout the film…

  • White on White

    White on White


    Bit weird in the plot but this weirdness does shine.. the takes are breathtaking and the overall plot if you look at it in an abstract sense it does fulfil, acting is artistic and serious.

Popular reviews

  • La Haine

    La Haine


    Kassovitz has that eye of the great director and the film has wonderful shot and edits. The acting is serious without much laughs as serious is its subject. The rawness of police brutality and the sensitive side of outlaws as most are young.

  • Tenet



    Just when time starts to be a nolan cliche he comes up with this film. I wont complain for nothing because it is the most complex film ive seen and i didnt notice any inconsistencies. I detracted 2 points because it was only the mission and i didnt see much character on the plot although the ending is very good and the other point for the protagonists relationship with the girl.. i mean ok you love her but did he…