Yojimbo ★★★★½

Another great film from one of my favorite filmmakers.

Gosh, cinema is so good. I mean, my life kinda sucks right now, i just messed up and i think i having to pay the price of that. I don't handling it much well but at least i'm so fucking busy that i can't think too much about it. It's crazy how i almost forgot how good it is relaxing in my couch and watch a good movie. I left my therapist cause she is the mom of a girl that i used to talk and hang out with, and jesus she understood me so well, but it is the life. I have serious problems to unburden myself to another person. So now, Letterboxd is my new therapist. Deal with it.

And for god sake, thanks Kurosawa for inspiring Leone to make A Fistful of Dollars.