Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★★½

"say something."

wong kar-wai films are almost always about yearning; about wanting someone you can't have. happy together is the opposite. it's about having someone you don't want, and loving them even though they're bad for you. it's about wanting something new but not wanting to leave the past behind. it's ugly and loud and aggressive. they yell and argue and tear each other apart when they're together, then silently cry when they're apart. but then, every once in a while, they dance. they hold each other close and feel each other's skin. they're happy, even if only for the briefest moments. "let's start over," he whispers. and they do. and it repeats. the anger, the frustration - all of it. even in moments of escape they are still not happy. not really. and that's what makes it wong kar-wai's most devastating film.

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