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  • Mutant Aliens

    Mutant Aliens


    Mutant Aliens. Heh. Probably the strangest piece of animation history ever created. That is exactly why i love this film. The adult themed underground approach in this very much reminds you of Bakshi's work or the X-rated comics like Fritz the Cat. But this film heavily also dwells in an archetypal imaginative cosmic realm somewhere between the distances of stars. I highly recommend this. Bill Plympton created a genius work of art here. 5 Out Of 5. Night7.

  • The Castle of the Living Dead

    The Castle of the Living Dead


    The Castle of the Living Dead. The title is pretty cool as well, immediately bringing into mind George Romero's Night of the living dead. Castle of the living dead is an great atmospheric horror film, and a Gothic cryptic strange cinematic fantasy of the highest order. These kind of films now live in forgotten sands and dust of time, which makes one lucky to still be able to dig up such a forgotten gem from time to time. 5 Out Of 5. Night7.

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  • Aliens



    Aliens. Special review for me, tomorrow is September 1st, and the last three years have been a special time for me because of my own engagement in screenwriting and trying to make it in the film business myself, i will tie this whole thing together at the end of this review. I actually prefer Aliens to Alien, which don't get me wrong is a classic and a great film. This one is just more of a blockbuster action oriented film…

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    The Shining. Three years ago in the Winter of 2015., I've had one of the most special moments in my life back then by watching this film and ending an awesome year in style, with also The Force Awakens. :) Genius film, great atmosphere, Jack Nicholson is top notch, a truly magical horror film made for the Winter season. 5 Out Of 5. Very nostalgic. Night7.