The Pornographer ½


This odious and ridiculous independent film presents a number of propositions (thesis statements if you will) that we as viewers are supposed to take at face value in order to follow the logic of the film. These propositions all echo as false as the portrayal of the tame pornographic industry it supposedly presents. For example; the woman is the only one with control in any sexual relationship (which is a 'classical' chauvinistic argument by the way). Another phony position/statement is the claim/belief that the women within the pornographic industry are the ones with real power.

"The Pornographer" is rife with false dichotomies, false issues, forced ambiguities and phony complexities. The leading female villain (and porn actress) equates her secret hidden recordings of unpaid sex acts with the male protagonist's pornographic productions that leads to people getting paid. This phony comparison/conflict is presented early on in the film deciding for us who is good but naive and who is shifty and unreliable (the woman of course).

The film also portrays a weirdly insulated porn industry that apparently isn't controlled by giant conglomerates or pulls in billions of dollars each year. The porn industry is apparently dominated by anonymous nerds like Crag Wasson's Spano or the male protagonist Paul. There are no lawyers, Mafia "enforcers", drug abusers or vulnerable individuals in this porn industry.

Furthermore, "The Pornographers" peddles also in the pathetic notion that pornography is a healthy and important commodity geared to social outcasts and guys who can't get a girlfriend.