Dune ★★★

Is it possible to be bowled over by the sheer enormity of a thing, and also completely unmoved by it on any emotional or intellectual level? Once again, I find myself in the minority with Villeneuve, once again on the outside looking in, as I did with "Blade Runner: 2049." Is there a more technically skilled director working today who less of an idea about how human beings actually interact with each other? Do we think the guy's ever heard or cracked a joke in his life? I know this is dystopic sci-fi, but c'mon, guys.

This movie's mastery of scale is no joke, and the sandworm sequences in particular are appropriately awe-inspiring. As someone who's read the book, this technically checks all the boxes of what a "Dune" adaptation should look like, except it's been made by a gifted craftsman instead of a visionary. The whole thing is somehow portentous and weightless at the same time, leaving the actors precious little room to breathe, save for Momoa and Rebecca Ferguson, who manage to make an impression amidst all the oppressively humorless narrative machinery. Overall, it's hard to actively dislike a movie this impressively mounted and imaginative. I just wish I could see what others see in it.

Side note, I'm thinking about starting a doom metal side project called Duncan Idaho. Or do we think Desert Power is a better name?

Also, Hans Zimmer’s score is definitely one of the best of the year.

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