Nomadland ★★

There's something uncomfortable about watching multi-millionaires pretend to be poor in front of real poor people. Mixing phony tragedy with accounts of real tragedy creates a weird imbalance. Everything with Frances McDormand feels put on in comparison. Not to mention, the two acting styles never align.

The thing that McDormand’s character cares most about is a couple of ceramic plates. I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone this boring, but I’ll keep my eye out.

Not sure homelessness is quite the spiritual journey that it is portrayed as here. And according to all of the characters, it’s their choice. The writer/director Chloe Zhao was born wealthy though so a bit of romanticization is probably to be expected.

The score is pure cheese. Barely strings together the surplus of montages.

Props for tackling the subject matter, but it doesn’t feel like you learn anything new about the world after 30 minutes. 100% would have preferred a documentary about the same subject.

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