Weekend ★★★★

Weekend is gay cinema's own answer to flitting romance, and is equally as poetic and melancholy as its heterosexual counterpart Before Sunrise.

Minimal in style yet abundant in sentiments and realism, Weekend details a short-lived yet hauntingly mesmerizing gay romance over the course of one weekend. What makes the experience truly special lies in the inclusion of heavy dialogues between the two protagonists, as they discuss various topics such as each other's back stories, their respective opinions on gay identity crisis, and gay erasure and homophobia from the hetero world. In a way it can be seen as the gay version of Before Sunrise, as both are dialogue-driven indie dramas dealing with flitting romance. It's also worth noting that the palpable chemistry between the two leads, one straight and one gay in real life, greatly heightens the emotional impacts, and is a witty way to echo the theme of this movie.

Weekend has definitely established itself as one of the most emotional, raw yet underrated gay cinema entries of the 2010s, and should be watched by a much wider audience. Highly recommended.

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