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  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High


    Honestly, a pretty solid coming-of-age movie that embraces the filthy, crappy bits without losing the humour, and in a way that feels more authentic than, say, American Pie. 

    I don’t have a deep abiding love for this, but I really do enjoy its dalliances at the mall and crappy retail jobs; at the dumb exploration of sexuality and embarrassment; at the way there’s always someone better or more capable than you. That this doesn’t get mean-spirited or off-the-wall silly is…

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Post Malone, a nobody bad guy: “Suck my dick!”
    Jason Statham, the supposed badass: “I…uh…buh…SUCK YOUR OWN DICK”

    This is a real exchange, and a sign of how shockingly sloppy this one is. I lost track of how many times I threw my hands in the air, wondering why nobody took a second pass at the script before tossing it onto the screen. So many things happen with absolutely zero point, or that are deeply stupid if you think about…

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  • Nomadland


    For five years, I worked three jobs, ate out of food banks, and scratched every which way just to survive. I literally worked from 6 am to 2 am most days, and because there was no bus after 11 pm, I would have to walk across town for an hour to get home, whether it was summer or snowy as hell. 

    I lived every day in mortal, existential terror about whether I’d eat the next day, and worse, how in…

  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    Dave Bautista, trying to outrun a nuclear bomb: “Don’t stop for anything!”
    Also Dave Bautista: *Immediately stops for a solid 10 minutes to shoot things*

    Dave Bautista, still outrunning a nuke: “WE ONLY HAVE 9 MINUTES!”
    Also Dave Bautista: *Stops to have heartfelt discussions about love*

    Man, I wanted so badly to like this one, and for the first 15 minutes, I really thought I would. Those opening credits, and the subsequent pitch from the obvious bad guy made for…