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  • Prince - Sign o' the Times

    Prince - Sign o' the Times

    Logged in place of Prince's video collection 3 Chains o' Gold, which used to be on Letterboxd before they decided, I guess, that it's not a movie. But it can be seen here.

    You should absolutely watch Sign o’ the Times if you had to choose between the two, but I don't think anybody is asking you to choose.

  • Blood Work

    Blood Work

    An incredibly sad sequence driven by diegetic sound and the glances between two broken people brought to mind that old Griffith (via Straub) maxim "what the modern movie lacks is beauty — the beauty of moving wind in the trees."

    Also made me assume this had a deserved, say, #7 spot on Cahiers' best-of-2002 list. Disappointed to discover otherwise.

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