Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

I don't know if it's hypocritical to like this in comparison to Joker since both contains the lead protagonist doing detrimental, harrowing things to fight against a society(I had to use it) that tears down people ie Mental Health and Rape Culture and I had heard the comparisons since Cassie was considered a girlboss Joker.
Both characters are interesting but have a ton of problems yet audiences empathize in their crusade. Personally, I understand the themes in Joker but I found them jarring and surface level in how they depicted them. I don't sympathize with Arthur Fleck because yeah, mental health fucking sucks and he had a horrific childhood but he did awful shitty things like killing his mam, creeping out a single mother and killing a talk show host.
Then with Promising Young Woman, Cassie is going against the nice guys, predators and rapists of 21st century America where social media is prevalent, where anything could be recorded and anything could be said and logged. It's horrifying to hear the buzz words such as "I'm a nice guy", "m'lady" and "cmon, it's alright". I felt shame and regret since it happens all the time for women and I'll never share the nightmare circumstances surrounding these situations as a man.

While Cassie does go on the hunt for vengeance, she ends up harming herself and causing some pain for 3 people(the high schooler who would probably have the conversation with her mom, the dean who had to go through that ordeal with her daughter even if she done bad things and then Madison who thought something terrible happened to her even if she also did bad things) and these 3 factors make her unlikeable to a certain extent. That doesn't make the film bad because having a character with flaws makes for good discussion like with Arthur Fleck.
Her quest for justice is enticing and agreeable but still nasty in the way she moves forward with her actions. What makes this stand out in comparison to Joker is that all the themes and issues felt talked about in depth and were well directed and I had never seen these topics explored before in a motion picture. What was lacking in Joker was the shallow factor regarding how the themes landed and brought to focus. The film felt jarring with a conflicting combination of too many pieces trying to fit into a puzzle. Also, I had seen it explored in Taxi Driver, Falling Down or Fight Club and were better handled in those films.

Yeah, ironically this is a surface level thought of the two films with two unlikable protagonists with flaws that audiences sympathized towards and why I thought one worked with while the other didn't. I had just been very interested in this argument since this came out.

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