The Borrowed Christmas

The Borrowed Christmas ½

I almost turned this off so many times. But I was already committed. 🙈
I am so creeped out by the entire idea of this dude renting his idea of a perfect Christmas, which includes 5 kids and a wife. Even creepier, these 5 kids that don’t know him call him daddy. And this lady calling him her husband, and somehow they get along and he ends up adopting them all and proposing to the lady, and they are all in happy Christmas land forever!? TF!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

The maids were probably somebody’s aunties who were asked to be in the film at the last minute. 

Why the black and white montage at the end?

The lighting is sooo terrible! Ann looked like a janky skeleton in the last 15 mins of the movie. 💀

Dear Letterboxd, please update your app to allow 0 stars!!!!

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