The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

I grew up frequenting lighthouses with my father on weekend day trips... soaking in whatever lamp museum we’d find via visitor center books and old photos of scraggly sea shanty lighthouse keepers... ever since I’ve always been fascinated by these buildings, the people that keep them, and the inner workings. anyways, I loved The Witch... a lot, and one day I’ll go more in detail on that, but I couldn’t tell you how exited I was to see Eggers follow up... and when I found out the setting, cast, and time period, I nearly lost my shit. 

I waited forever to see this, and tonight I was immediately immersed in a fart infested madcap period piece with two leads who continuously destroy the screen in the best possible way in what plays like a sea shanty Melville/Lovecraft version of The Shining directed by Bergman and that is a million percent my kind of bullshit.

Might be the most inspired I’ve felt watching a movie this year.

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