Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. 1992. Directed by David Lynch.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) is a neo noir that brings completion to Laura Palmer’s murder in Portland, Oregon. In addition, fans got extra footage from Lynch that included Chris Isaak (Chester Desmond) and Kiefer Sutherland (Sam Stanley). Although Chester Desmond disappears upon touching the ring, he is forever embedded in my memory as part of the Twin Peaks Pantheon. The screenplay for this controversial film was written by David Lynch and Robert Engels. Lynch could not portray the molestation and rape on TV so, he had to make a movie. There were many hints in the TV show leading up to the movie but, we had to guess. In addition, I want to make it clear that this is not what I wanted for Laura Palmer’s character but, Lynch’s creative machine wanted to shine a spotlight on this abuse in the 1990’s. 

The director of photography, Ron Garcia filmed the FBI investigatory sequences, the roadhouse scenes, woodland meeting sequences, and finally the lodge sequence. These scenes are movie history. When Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks theme song commenced I got chills and my erector pili muscles raised the hair on my body. Entering Twin Peaks is magical and a bit like entering a haunted town. 

Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer) scenes are so intense and she overacts a bit but, it is necessary. In addition, she is the true talent of the series, in my opinion. Especially her scenes in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. As she endures peer pressure, molestation/incest, drug use, and finally death she should have been nominated for an Oscar. Ray Wise (Leland Palmer) is the scariest father on American TV and movies. However, on the TV show he seemed so sweet. His bipolar, schizophrenic moments emerged and he was grotesque. The true treat for me was David Bowie’s portrayal of Phillip Jeffries. He used a southern accent but his undercover cryptic lingo was hilarious and informative. Overall, Lynch showed us that beneath (when the veil is lifted) the average middle class American town is a dark world that is nefarious and has esoteric beings at work. Specifically, the ring is the map to the white lodge, black loge, and the entrance to the portal. In this magical world when the veil is moved aside, the victims of abusive families can have angels watching over them in the end.

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