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This review may contain spoilers.

Zack Snyders Justice League is a beautiful symphony of a Film. I don’t like superhero movies that much but wow, this was truly special. Justice League is the personification of the most treasured of DC’s creative magics. The best of men transformed into gods of hope to do battle with the ultimate of cosmic evil. The word myth gets thrown around for ultimately mediocre superhero projects but this pure of spirit in the way that first opening a comic is. The action is delivered thousands of feet per second from the barrel of an artillery cannon. The tone and pacing of the film feels like The Matrix by way of Jack Kirby. Unlike the very post Nolan origins of the DCEU, Justice League feels like a world of its own, borrowing from its predecessors in the best way. 

Justice League is thunderously quick when it needs to be and patient when its not. Snyder masterfully starts and stops tension by way of the ramp zoom / slow motion effect in a startlingly efficient manner. There are times when the action will stop to let you take in the awe and scope of a scene and it’s not to create tweetable moments or prep for a quip, but instead these moments work like splash pages on a comic book. Those that say that these films do not get Superman or Batman are incorrect, it may have taken a long winding journey, but to see these two portrayed as a dark angel and a golden sun god like in their best works is really a treat. Fans of Morrison, Byrne, Wolfman and so many other fantastic writers will pick up on the thematic nods to their works in ways that never feel overdone or hamfisted but tastefully reconstructed to fit the Snyder Mythos.    

Creating this was nothing less than a monumental feat on the behalf of Snyder and crew as this movie has been in development hell for almost half a decade. To not only win the right to get your film shown on your own terms but to excel and push beyond in doing so is commendable. To do that and also wring out fantastic performances from both Jared Leto and Ezra Miller, who were personally the franchises weakest links, is an accolade in itself. As someone who was not even a fan of Snyders body of work even a month or two ago, I have gained a massive amount of respect for him as a person. You can argue that it has flaws, character moments don’t always land and the scenes from the original cut of the film, in particular the Atlantis fight show its age, but to deny Snyder such a victory for even doing this in the age of ever increasing corporate control of media would be cruel to this man who has worked so much. You will cry, you will laugh, you will cheer, but most importantly you will believe men can fly again thanks to Zack Snyder.

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