Untitled Kevin Feige Star Wars Film

Untitled Kevin Feige Star Wars Film ★★★★★

This piece of shit is never coming out and they took star wars the clone wars 2003 off Letterboxd so until they retvrn it to tradition I will be using this spot to talk about it. Anyways 2003 Clone Wars is literally the coolest fucking Star Wars media of all time. There’s a jousting scene for Christ sake. This was top tier elementary school viewing, real gotta sit down with the boys at recess and discuss the implications of this type shit. I was worried it was going to be too goofy or suffer from Clone Wars 2008 syndrome where it’s too lore bloated but I never realized how concise this first volume is, it’s basically one battle during the clone wars stretched to an hour. Volume 2 suffers a lot from bouncing around too hard and it’s not as memorable but you get to see the clones fade the shit out of grievous on this. Sadly this is one of the hardest to find pieces of Star Wars media, there was no official hd re-release of this until literally august. Of course bitch made Disney has cannabilized essences of this for its bastard timeline, one of the worst levels of Fallen Order takes place on the crystal temple from this and Durge shows up in the marvel comics for literally no reason since he’s one of the most 2000s grunge Star Wars characters and putting him in the sequel comics makes no sense. Anyways you can watch this in 1080p on YouTube so go do it, it’s like 2 hours long and it’s the best thing you will watch with Star Wars in it.