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  • Buck Breaking

    Buck Breaking

    This is like if you gave the guy pacing on the bus a shitload of money to just keep talking and getting mad about random shit they heard on the news. 

    A list of some takes in this movie:

    Drag queen story hour

    Jeffrey Epstein was an agent of Mossad

    it’s white supremacy to make a black man fuck a trans woman

    the pull out method is oppression created by cia backed white supremacists

    J Edgar Hoover had Fred Hampton…

  • Heat



    The best Mann films are a religious experience. Miami Vice is Catholic in its glorious gilded excess. Collateral is Protestant in its love of self. Heat is Buddhist. The overwhelmingly Blue LA is tranquil, swank magic, but the blue shifts downwards into sin and darkness; The Kali Yuga. Men constantly one drop of blood away from exploding and you don’t envy them, but they make it look so cool. There is so much more beauty and tragedy swept up carelessly in this movies wake that a lesser film would spend too much time in. Like a multi armed god Heat is awe inspiring in its complexity.