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  • Survival Skills
  • The Oak Room
  • Bloody Hell
  • Bullets of Justice

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  • On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey


  • Jason X


  • Hypothermia


  • Orphan


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  • On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey

    On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Journey


    I’m not sold but this was a little creepy at times. They play sound recordings and I watch movies in my room on my big telly with my headphones on to get the full effects. 

    This time expects take to the forests and talk about the Big Foot beds all through the Huckle berry.

  • Jason X

    Jason X


    A rewatch. This is a really cool instalment for the Jason franchise. It does everything you could hope for. It’s so dumb but ruthless and fun all at the same time. Watching Jason so closely as he stumbles around a foreign place, making his way through the same typecast younger set he usually does but on a spaceship is such a blast lol 

    The dialogue is so typical of these films I’m unsure if making it not so cringe would suck all the Jason out of it.

    “What’s a bike?” Hahah
    “This sucks on so many levels”

Popular reviews

  • Terrifier



    For it is what it is. 
    I expected to hate this but it’s well written, well cast and well played Mr freaky ass clown. 

    One particular scene where he’s naked (to not spoil) was on point. Although I saw the ending coming it still decently thorough. 

    And that scene with the saw. Like eww

    What if I told you Art has been around since 2008?

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  • Pooka!



    Not your normal Christmas horror and that’s why it was good. 

    A great example of something different. Was slightly confusing at times but manages to explain itself by the end. 

    I liked it. Not my favorite of the three but still good odds on all episodes so far for finding something good to watch.

    For a full review, check my website out at Mother of Movies.