Jesus Is King

Jesus Is King ★½

This might be the worst movie I've ever gone to the theatre to see - so Hype Williams really ghost directed that Runaway video, hey? Hard to tell who to credit this to or how this even works - but Nick Knight is a fashion photographer and you can tell: the entire film is just a set of shots to show off James Turrell's Roden Crater and how it like, points towards God or something. But you could easily do that as a photo spread, and furthermore there's no aesthetic sensibility to speak of beyond the image itself - the "montage" if you can call it that is so embarrassing - the iris's call back to the silent era yet the only structure is "title card, shot, title card, shot, title card, shot." There's never an actual connection from one shot to another. It's not even pre-Griffith, it's pre-Porter.

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