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  • Munich



    The horrors of our barbaric, pre-modern worlds most essential mechanical law: cause-and-effect. Unsurprisingly, the films original title was Vengeance. Spielberg isn't interested in picking a side - he wants to show you the cycle. "We just want a home," isn't a zero-sum statement, it rather calls attention to the fact that Avner's side wants the same thing, and only a moment after this frank yet cordial conversation these two men will attempt to kill each other once their nationalist difference…

  • Cliff Walkers

    Cliff Walkers


    After this I kind of doubt we'll ever get a truly personal Zhang film ever again, but as essentially a studio filmmaker for the PRC, he's surprisingly more engaged than I expected. Structurally this is basically Shadow: 20th Century Edition, but in its own way this is one of Zhang's most purely pleasurable films, with the kind of taut suspense and chain reaction mechanics that go further back from Hitchcock to something resembling 1920s Lang. Mr. Xi may have strongarmed…

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  • Good Time

    Good Time


    "I got beat up. I'm the victim here."
    "Cross the room if you've ever been blamed for something you didn't do."

    Many months before the films North American release, I joked that Good Time looked like "a modern-day Phil Karlson picture" so I was doubly pleasantly surprised when I found that this film approximated that feeling. In his annual love-letter to Cannes, Mark Peranson called the film "a kind of Dionysian New York Gesamtkunstwerk....immersion without identification." Where Good Time…

  • Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump

    This is like, some kind of weird, conservative fantasy. If watching this served any good purpose, it's a possibly vital reminder that the Clinton era was not as progressive as many of us might like to remember - the latter half of the 20th century in America through the eyes of a reactionary, nearly 50 years of social tumult regarded as just a brief phase of unrest before everything returns to 'normal,' - the Vietnam War, Black Panthers, and social…