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  • Frankenstein



    Solid 3 star watch. It had more action and physical engagement than I was expecting but still had the stilted acting and amateurish story telling of many old movies. I never found this particular monster scary growing up but watching this I can see how it scared people then. You could really redo this with the criminal brain idea and make a gruesome tear em apart modern take that would be awesome.

  • Open 24 Hours

    Open 24 Hours


    This had a great 90's feel. If this had Jennifer Love Hewitt in it you would have thought it was twenty years ago. There are a few turns I didn't like toward the end. This was good old fashioned slasher fare. I recommend.

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  • Magnolia


    Ok, I must say, I hate these movies. These movies where you can see the writer at the desk saying,"this is Oscar material". This is well done and well acted. But this movie is a pretentious piece of shit. Oh my God did I hate this. The beginning before I even knew what this movie was when they are setting up all the stories to the song "One is the Loneliest Number", I was yelling at the screen because it…

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    This is a sad day. I have never given a Star Wars movie a fail. Not even a prequel. 1st lets start with how long it was. Or felt that is. If I hadn't known the length and you told me this was 5 hours I would have believed it. Finn, Rose, and Benicio all could have been cut from the movie. They essentially did nothing. Well that's not true, they foiled their own teams plan by giving the escape…