The Witch

The Witch ★★★★½

Had to rewatch this because my first watch i wasn't focuse on watching it, and after the second watch boy it just sends shivers all the way to my spine.

The Witch doesn't rely on jumpscares, and that is what you can expect on horror movie like this, but when a movie doesn't rely on jumpscares it doesn't that it can't be creepy at all. It relies heavily on an eerie atmospher, and when it gave us a jumpscare usually it preceded by a good build up. All of that backed up with many of disturbing scenes and situation. As the movie nearing the end, the family starts to lose their faith one by one, and a sin each family members commit heavily on starts to showing up. It also capture how humans can be easliy torn apart by some unfortunate events arranged by the devil himself and exposed the inside of human.

Robert Eggers did a superb job in creating an immerse 1630s time period. The dialogues caught me a little off guard but somehow it's more understandable than the lighthouse which just made my head think more than twice just on one dialogue.

An incredible debut from Robert Eggers and I don't think he shows any sign of slowing down

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