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  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    CIFF #3 — 

    really everything i wanted and more. really no better feeling than seeing the janus logo before a fire film either. there’s not a ton to say visually because a lot of the emotion and depth is through screenplay but that’s not to say that the whole film isn’t impeccably shot (it is) 

    fits into hamaguchi’s filmography like a glove. for hamaguchi, love is a spectre

  • Titane



    CIFF #2 —

    I REALLY WANTED TO ENJOY THIS but i should have trusted my gut. winning awards because so many film critics & festival goers are huge virgins 

    also in desperate need of non male film screenings, this experience was similar to seeing ENTER THE VOID audience cringe level wise aka dudes in plaid shirts on their 5th craft beer can of the night hooting and hollering because GORE, TITS and ~ SUBVERSION ~

    BUT it was a magical experience running 5 blocks with ross through a street parade and festival to get to the film on time

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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman

    an amazingly bad film. it draws a lot from previous successors (american mary, precisely, as well as one of the posters resembles barbara creed's book - the monstrous feminine) but just done completely wrong. 'rape revenge' but it actually takes power away from the victim... there are no victory moments for anyone. emerald fennell is a hack who also presents herself as completely insensitive and tone deaf. marketed as a potential slasher rape revenge flick, with no delivery...no catharsis! the wool has been pulled over my eyes ... i truly can't with this film.

  • Behind Her Eyes

    Behind Her Eyes


    lol all this for that ???