Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

Oppressively brutal not so much in the sense that it's full of grisly violence - though bloodshed is certainly on the table - but in the sense that every moment is in service of showing how someone's internal wrecking ball can be unstoppable once tragedy pushes it forward. From an informational standpoint, there's no reason for the movie to replay the life-changing event of its protagonist multiple times. But from an emotional standpoint, the back-and-forth structure does a great job at placing the audience in the mind of its main character. Even when the story expands itself to follow the people behind the tragic moment, it remains consistent at offering a perspective that has gone well past the point of no return.

Basically, it's both a refinement and a departure of everything that has made Guy Ritchie such a distinct voice. Plenty of Ritchie films have had parallel editing and Jason Statham being as tough as nails, but none of them have been this intent on not being a breezy, lighthearted affair. What it has on its mind is far from complex, but when the film puts all its effort on projecting a sense of inevitable destruction, that simplicity almost doesn't matter.

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