BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

This film is not an easy watch. It feels wrong, but also inspiring. Spike Lee doesn't hide the fact that he wants to make this a very confronting film and he has all the right to do so.
His cries, backed up by millions, are so necessary and have to be heard by the world.

The film itself really is ok. It's well made and directed. The actors are terrific. It isn't easy to played some of these roles for sure. It had some really fun moments when Lee starts to play with the dark humour. The love story is there but is luckily treated more as a subplot. Luckily his focus is on the absurdity of the whole situation and of course on the message he wants to bring across.
I really enjoyed the music and the work of the DOP, which transported us way back to those times.

And then that ending! It's confronting and a punch in the face. Unlike some, I think this is the perfect ending. It literally throws it in your face what you have to know. That there are still a lot of people out there who are struggling, who are treated differently because of the color of their skin. And then you see that the alt right is rising again ... no you won't leave the theater with a smile on your face ... but hopefully with the will to rise up and stand against these injustice!

Spike Lee this film was so necessary, glad you made it!

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