Elle Fanning's Fan Fantasy

Elle Fanning's Fan Fantasy ★★★★

You know, when I saw my news feed filled with rave reviews for this work of art - I was confused. Well, it cannot be that a short film lasting two minutes long to be so life-turning.
And you know what? I was wrong. All my life I was fighting the surrounding prejudices, but I myself fell victim to this all-consuming blemish. This film, this little masterpiece from head to foot captures you. Elle Fanning's smile, her charming laughter is like a love letter sent straight to your soul. The originality of the presentation, an amazing play of words, a lively mimicry of the leading actress - all this to a large extent expresses the self-sufficiency of this cinematic masterpiece.
So why did I put only four stars, and not five? Does it still have flaws? Well, no. The fact is that being a prisoner of my time and a hostage of its principles, I cannot award the film, that itself runs ahead of time, with the highest rating. Maybe when humanity grows to its level, I will change the estimate, but for now I will live with the awareness of shame.

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