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This review may contain spoilers.

Tony Stark died when his child was 5 years old. John Lennon died when his son Sean Lennon was 5 years old. I’m gonna friggen cry. 

This gave me everything I’ve wanted from the MCU for a long time, which is a universe I’ve been fatigued with for a while because every movie felt the same and there was 0 stakes in almost all of them. It took everything I liked about Infinity War, and did it better. This one has emotional heartbreaking drama for every character, insane comedy that felt like a HISHE feature movie with the time traveling crap, and so much stakes with a plot impossible to predict. There’s predictable moments, but that’s because I watch alot of films and it’s easy for me to predict things, but it’s a constantly surprising film and I never knew where it was going, which is what I love. There’s deaths that are permanent and people that will not be coming back like in the other films. Has the perfect end for all the original Avengers team, especially Iron Man and Cap, who’s endings were perfect. Thor joining the Guardians is something I’ve pulled for since Ragnarok, and they made it happen. Cannot wait for Guardians 3 with Thor in it, Taika Waititi made that character one of my favorites, when I originally didn’t care about him. Also I love Hawkeye and he’s so underrated. Gets tons of good stuff in this one. It’s a movie that deserves repeat viewing and I think I’ll rewatch it several times for years to come, unlike other MCU flicks. 

I can’t pass full judgement on it yet because there’s too much to take in, but this is the Return of the King of this universe. There’s some small problems I do have, specifically Captain Marvel being the most boring character of all time and the explanation for her not being there through the other films makes no sense and is super rushed because she’s so overpowered and invincible. Also where has Nick Fury been for like all these movies? That still doesn’t make sense either. But the problems are pretty few. Every movie has problems, especially when you’re doing a film as insane as this. I need to see it again, it’s impossible to judge it correctly without doing so. 

The first act is somber and full of destroyed people, the second act full of insane comedy that is absolutely genius, and a climax that will be praised until the end of time. They really pulled it off. Seeing people in my theater crying and cheering and laughing brought a huge smile to my face. The amount of joy these films bring people is amazing, and every filmmaker that made the film and the universe should be proud of it. It made me nearly cry several times. I wish Stan Lee was alive to see this, but his legacy will live on till the end of time.

Side note: I love how the Russos dropped the cringe Black Widow Bruce Banner romance entirely. Hawkeye is the one that witnesses her death, which is great because they were always good friends and Hawkeye is underrated as hell. I expected Hawkeye to sacrifice for the soul stone, not her. Great stuff.