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  • Jurassic Park
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  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink


    Sometimes it's okay to not let people wind up together if the story doesn't call for it and that's definitely the case here. Also, Duckie is the very definition of a problematic fave, he gets away with a lot of shit you would NEVER let a dude get away with, especially a friend. I still really wish the film would just let him come out by the end. Do I still like Duckie? Yes, for sure. I have a well…

  • Gremlins



    What a goddamn masterpiece.

    This might be the one instance where preferring the original over the sequel is the unpopular choice, but I do. GREMLINS 2 is still a masterpiece in its own right, a top-notch sendup of not only the original film but the way it permeated pop culture, in particular. It's a living cartoon in the best way possible and it's a miracle it even got made.

    But man, every single thing in the first movie is an…

Popular reviews

  • Dead & Buried

    Dead & Buried


    Life is worth it when you can keep discovering movies that rule this fucking hard. Holy shit. I mean, holy SHIT.

    I'd always known about it and I'd always loved the cover art and I've known for years about the people involved and that it was a kind of minor horror classic, but I still never got off my ass and actually WATCHED it. Now I have.

    And holy shit. This movie's insane. It has a fantastic TWILIGHT ZONE logic…

  • Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II


    "See you later, alligator."

    This movie is a goddamn delight. A weird, refreshing, cheesy, bizarre tale of teenage possession that also introduces one of the best female villains of the late '80s. Repression, revenge, fluid sexuality, killing slut shaming idiots in ways that would make Freddy proud and dropping fake blood down on Michael Ironside's shiny head. It's all there.