Heat ★★★★

What separates Michael Mann's opus from other similar heist pictures is its hearty length. This allows us to really invest in the characters who at their core are merely basic archetypes but by the third hour have become fully fleshed out people.

Filmed beautifully with the best of 90s film stock and layered with an interesting sound track Heat in some ways represents a culmination of most of Mann's earlier works. I always argue the importance of good sound design and there's few movies that feel more impactful with its gunshots as they reverb off the tall buildings.

More so than this is his unparalleled eye for urban society. Every film he does within a big city creates an entire underworld of fascination. The city itself becomes a character with Heat doing the remarkable thing of making it our principle antagonist. Social decay in an urban jungle. Shit don't get much cooler than that.

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