Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Mulligan and Burnham are both incredible and there's so much here that absolutely works - including the unexpected ways in which Fennell complicates the morality of Mulligan's pursuit.

Don't know that it entirely sticks the landing, but it's also unfair for a film like this to have to suffer under the weight of unrealistic expectations. Not only has it been effectively positioned as some kind of "film of the moment," but it's also had to exist in the public imagination as some partially known quantity for an unnatural amount of time before its actual release. Almost an entire calendar year between Sundance and Christmas 2020.

I just honestly don't know if this effectively does enough to differentiate itself from the "guys being dudes," Very Bad Things riff it could look like from a certain angle. And I think some of the moments where it pivots into broad comedy don't quite work (although some really REALLY do). But the more grim this gets, the more compelling it becomes. And I have to say, I honestly did not expect things to take the turn they did. Which, again, given the lead time between its premiere and release is no small feat.

Also, this makes an absolutely perfect double feature with Unhinged. Nobody's talking about this. Another thing nobody's talking about: are we doing Roman numerals or tally marks? Come on, now. Let's pick a lane here.

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