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  • Cool Cat Saves the Kids

    Cool Cat Saves the Kids

    *no spoilers*
    I feel cruel for giving an educational film for children a half-star rating, but calling this educational is quite a stretch. It's message, stand up to bullying. How do you do that exactly? I don't know, the film doesn't bother with that. It simply says that you should stand up to bullies for around 2 minutes, followed by an hour of why Cool Cat is (in the film's words) 'so cool.' Here is where the film goes wrong,…

  • Dangan Runner

    Dangan Runner


    *no spoilers*
    At around the hour mark, for a minute or two, 'Dangan Runner' suddenly changes. What once began as a chase, ended up as a race, and this shift is done excellently. Most of the film is also very entertaining and blackly comic, managing to combine slapstick with real threat; it is a jolt of energy to the system, and is truly unique. Indeed, in this film, there are individual moments of genius that shine through in this film,…

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    *no spoilers*
    There are not many ways of putting this, so I will just say it plain and simple, I am in love with 'Yi Yi.' I have thought about it for some time, and, like in most great films, there are many reasons why this is great, in the case of this film however, there is one reason that sticks out more than any other, and that is that 'Yi Yi' possibly has the most honest depiction of life…

  • Hurricane Bianca

    Hurricane Bianca


    *no spoilers*
    After stating nothing other than basic fact about a hurricane, suddenly, the weatherman (acted by RuPaul by the way) stated that 'Scientists have warned residents to be beware of storms with female names, as they are perceived to be less threatening, but are significantly more likely to kill you.'

    I cannot imagine anybody being angry at this. I mean, this is the definition of harmless fun, and I enjoyed it so, so much. From scene 1, this is…