Tenet ★★★

"It's time."

I've always enjoyed previous nolan flicks despite the fact that i've looked at them as 'high-concept with a simple emotional touch' but there's just something about that combination with the film-making and Hans Zimmer's music that made them so impactful. And as long as i FELT something, that is what mattered to me at the end of the day.

It didn't help therefore, that i didn't find any emotional drive in the movie for me to connect to and didn't leave the theatre feeling the kind of FULL and satisfied i've usually felt after his movies.

Moreover, even the stuff that was supposed to be mind-blowing seemed played out and so bland/predictable that i couldn't even enjoy the puzzle for what it was.
Pattinson was easily my favourite in the movie and it felt so weird to think that this is a time when the best part about a christopher nolan movie is him. (not that i haven't liked him in his previous works because i have. Still, felt a little weird while thinking about this on my drive back home)

Having said that, i hope it doesn't seem as though i hated this watch.
I absolutely had 'fun' and that is the only word i'd really use to describe my experience in that IMAX seat. The big screen made the action so much more watchable and i know i would've been bored if i was watching it at home. The way he pulled off the sequences given the concept in place is really the thing that impressed me the most.
What makes me sad is that this was just a popcorn time at the theatres that i don't see myself thinking about again.

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