The Green Inferno

The Green Inferno ★★★

“Peru is dangeorus, you can't just go invade a country because you see them as doing something immoral.”

you can tell how much Eli Roth hates his characters while he’s also utterly fascinated by them. they’re all terrible people and the ones that believe themselves to be saviors and “good” are the worst of them. though heavyhanded, the message of condemnation against modern trends of activism runs steadily through to the end. conviction is the key, it’s what these thots don’t have but the film itself does. 

i don’t think Roth’s direction is that good in any of his films, but he knows how to lead the audience, grab them by the collar and drag them through the dirt. he also literally does that with this crew cause they went into one of the remotest areas of the amazon to shoot this lol. i’m not a fan of the oversaturated colors; the aggressive green (inferno) got burned into my eye balls very unpleasantly. 

talk about unpleasant... he remains a master of violence and serves vile displays of exploitation. be it slaughterhouses or the amazon, it’s always a hellish fest on the surface with a lot of sardonic commentary below that. the humor may come in rather displaced but once you understand his moods it fits more often than not. makes the slaughtering more bearable too. 

Lorenza Izzo is surprisingly great and so are the tribal people who never even knew what a movie was before this. delightful. they thought Cannibal Holocaust was a comedy when he showed it to them. i’ll take their word for it.

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