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  • The Evil Dead

    The Evil Dead

    Visceral. Hellish. Brutally disgusting.

    Unironically, one of the most consistent and viscerally terrifying horror films I have ever seen. An ever accelerating descent into unadulterated homicidal madness.

    A nightmare of orgiastic cannibalism. The dehumanization on display is so pervasive that the disintegration of the charcters' sanity feels inevitable. The trauma experienced so unbearable that it breaks reality down, expanding ever outward. Bodies transform into uncanny disassociative figures that lumber and contort, mutilated and rotting, crooked and oozing pus. What some…

  • Road to Damascus

    Road to Damascus

    As the Writer and Producer I feel I shouldn't score the film. But I am exceptionally proud of everyone who worked on this project.

    We didn't have anywhere near enough money (about $20k) and it being many of the cast and crew's first feature film there are inevitably things I wish I could do over or differently. But I don't think any of that diminishes any of the hard work litteraly everyone POURED into this movie. Maybe someday I'll tell…

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  • Dune


    Flat, uninvolving, dull and laborious.
    Dense with lore, world building and spectacle but light on story, character and impact.
    Exceptional effects work and solid performances struggle to bring weight to what is ostensibly a first-half of a grander narrative. Yet I am uninterested in where that leads.

    Dune as Novel, as text, as an art Object is a remarkable accomplishment of imagination and a stunning interweaving of historical and anthropological knowledge within a sci-fi context- a work of such total,…

  • Crimson Peak

    Crimson Peak

    The resolution and the reveals are all a little obvious for how slow and close to the vest this tries to play it's story. Art Direction, Costumes and Cinematography are the real heavy-lifters here, all are amazing and almost, almost justify the film's existence. If it all looked as dull, dated and cheesy as the story- then we'd have a real stinker on our hands. As it is this is a serviceable haunted house movie, with an especially authentic Victorian aesthetic which seems all too rare these days.

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  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead

    I have absolutely nothing valuable to add but this talked to death horror staple really does hold up as a stone cold classic.

    More violent than I think modern or younger audiences might expect. Romero's ghoulish invention lumbers forth nearly fully formed- an idea so potently revolting he would be compelled for both creative and financial reasons to return to it again and again. And there really is nothing else quite like Romero's zombie movies. They have always seemed the…

  • C.H.U.D.


    So... This kind of slaps.
    Cheesy and cheap monster effects do little to undermine this superior B-tier creature feature.

    Slow to start, the story is bolstered by a surprising amount of characters and subplots- all of which are really quite well executed. While the dialogue might be exposition heavy, strong performances from the central cast elevate the script and the time we spend with them lends later suspense sequences a harrowing tension.

    Stick with this one and you'll be rewarded…